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Training & Development Department

Director: OPEN

The Training and Development Department takes a holistic approach to core development skills and have divided them into three focus areas:  Life Skills, Employability Skills, and Career Skills.

When we speak about a holistic approach to core development skills, it must incorporate all areas of your daily living. In terms of Life Skills, it refers to a set of fundamental abilities that someone needs to get through modern, everyday living. Where Employability Skills, refers to the abilities someone needs to find a job, apply to it, interview for it, and start working. Lastly, Career Skills are abilities that keep someone successful in a job or company, especially as a person is promoted.

People with strong life skills are considered to have maturity and professionalism. Those with strong life skills are less likely to be reactive, and they are aware of their surroundings and themselves. Life skills are critical to management and leadership positions.

Currently Available 

Job Readiness 101

MS Word - Basic & Intermediate

MS Excel - Basic & Intermediate

MS PowerPoint - Basic & Intermediate

Mental Health Department

In Development

Decision Making


Interpersonal Relationships

Coping with Stress 

Problem Solving

Time Management

Money Matters


Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Director:  LaTeasha Skinner

Here at The Next Chapter Resource Center we want to make sure that you are able to enter into your next chapter as healthy as possible. Our Mental Health Department focus on helping you learn positive ways to cope with life challenges you may be facing. Transitioning in life come with all types of concerns, big or small. You do not have need to have a serious psychological issue to need help transitioning. We offer individual, family, career, and group counseling to help you get back on track. ​​

Mental Health Counseling Includes

  • Individual psychotherapy, up to six free or discounted sessions.

  • Referral to psychiatrist if needed

  • Information and referral to community resources that may be available 

  • Choice of sessions in person or virtual

What are Some Things We Can Talk About?

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Relationships and communication 

  • Death or loss

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Academic pressure

  • Depression and loneliness

  • Sexuality and gender

  • Cultural adjustment

  • Sexual assault

  • Trauma

What About Privacy? Are Services Confidential?

Yes. The Next Chapter and The Life Source maintains a strict policy of confidentiality with HIPAA guidelines.

For Crisis Help

24 Hour Suicide and Crisis Service, 1-800-715-4225

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800)273-8255.

911 for Life Threatening Emergencies.

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