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Core Values

Community:  We embrace diversity in all its forms and we strive for a community that fosters an open, inclusive and productive environment in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Compassion:  With understanding and empathy, we anticipate the needs of others and act to appropriately and meaningfully meet these needs.

Excellence:  We Strive for excellence, through our caring and commitment to the needs of others. 

Integrity: We keep your commitments, take responsibility for our actions and stand firmly by our word.

Knowledge:  We recognize that learning continues throughout our lives and see learning as an essential component to living a productive life.  We believe that learning changes minds and lives.

Respect:  We are sensitive to the beliefs, needs, and capabilities of our culturally diverse clients. We value individual dignity and equitable access to resources.

Servanthood:  Our priority is to humbly serve the needs of others.

Tenacity:  We do whatever it takes by being proactive with our strategic planning.  We work when no one is looking or applauding.  Even when the circumstances are difficult and everyone else quits we are committed to the mission and determined to follow through regardless of how we feel.

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