Depression Screening

Depression Support Group

October 6, 2022

October 27, 2022

Extended to the end of the October

Our  WHY

We all know someone who has been a victim of less than ideal circumstances. We know people who have been a victim of their own bad choices. We may even, at some point, have been that person. It is our desire to be the Hands and Feet of God by helping those in need take the necessary steps to their Next Chapter.

We believe that the place they are in, need only be a season, not a life sentence.

Minority Mental Health Awareness Discussion Panel

Panel provided by The Life Source, LLC

Your support is important to us. We invite you to join our cause by using your time, talents, and treasures. We are looking for individuals who have a heart to serve others with these blessing. Giving of ones self no matter the capacity can be a great reward. 

It's Never too Late to Start the conversation!


Our mission is to provide the resources necessary to change for the lives of young adults. To transform lives one person at a time as they transition into their next chapter of life.

Help us by Supporting Someone's Next Chapter